Orange Park Mall will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23rd.  Black Friday shopping hours are 9am – 8pm, please click here for a full list of holiday hours.

2023 Holiday Hours

extra shopping hours just for you

Embrace the festive spirit with extra time to discover the perfect gifts, exclusive deals, and magical moments. From twinkling lights to joyful sights, we’re here to make your holiday shopping merry and bright.

THURS             23-Nov             Mall Closed

FRI                   24-Nov              9AM     8PM

SAT                  25-Nov              10AM    8PM

SUN                 26-Nov              11AM    7PM

MON                 27-Nov              11AM    8PM

TUE                  28-Nov              11AM    8PM

WED                29-Nov              11AM    8PM

THURS             30-Dec              11AM    8PM

FRI                   1-Dec               10AM    8PM

SAT                  2-Dec               10AM    8PM

SUN                 3-Dec               11AM    7PM

MON                 4-Dec               10AM    8PM

TUE                  5-Dec               10AM    8PM

WED                6-Dec               10AM    8PM

THURS             7-Dec               10AM    8PM

FRI                   8-Dec               10AM    9PM

SAT                  9-Dec               10AM    9PM

SUN                 10-Dec              11AM    7PM

MON                 11-Dec              10AM    8PM

TUE                  12-Dec              10AM    8PM

WED                13-Dec              10AM    8PM

THURS             14-Dec              10AM    8PM

FRI                   15-Dec              10AM    9PM

SAT                  16-Dec              10AM    9PM

SUN                 17-Dec              11AM    7PM

MON                 18-Dec              10AM    9PM

TUES                19-Dec              10AM    9PM

WED                20-Dec              10AM    9PM

THURS             21-Dec              10AM    9PM

FRI                   22-Dec              10AM    9PM

SAT                  23-Dec              10AM    9PM

SUN                 24-Dec              10AM    6PM

MON                 25-Dec              Mall Closed

TUES                26-Dec              11AM    8PM

WED                27-Dec              11AM    8PM

THURS             28-Dec              11AM    8PM

FRI                   29-Dec              11AM    8PM

SAT                  30-Dec              11AM    8PM

SUN                 31-Dec              12pm    6PM

MON                 01-Jan              11AM    6PM